About Us

What is Decadent Drinks?

Hello. We're a small company that does independent bottlings of fine spirits and other drinks. Mostly whisky, rum, cognac and armagnac, but with lofty designs on adding other drinks to our selection in future. We release bottlings every month via our website, retail partners and international importers. We're based in Perth, Scotland and we're run by a team of seven(ish) hardworking people. 


But why Decadent Drinks? 

'Decadent Drinks' we can figuratively hear you thinking, 'that sounds a bit poncey and hifalutin'. Well, that's probably fair comment, but the name does have some at least vaguely philosophical meaning and purpose behind it. 

As we all know, life is frequently rather difficult, stressful and hard going. A bit of a slog, you might say. After all, none of us asked to be born into our frail consciousnesses, on a precarious and unusual planet, hurtling through the arm of a random spiral galaxy in this (as far as we can tell) meaningless and stupefyingly vast universe. 

Still, this is the situation we find ourselves in and the best we can do is roll up our sleeves, crack on with things, and try to stay more or less out of trouble. Better still, try to have a bit of a giggle along the way. It is in this state of affairs that having something nice to eat and drink, breaking bread and being merry with your pals are the sorts of things that make life worth living - a little 'decadence' along the way makes all the difference. Whether it's a dram of a stunning, old and complex single malt whisky, or a cool pint of cellar-fresh ale and a packet of crisps while you read your book in peace. These are the wee islands of decadence and joy that make life worth living and that's why 'decadent' drinks. 

That and the alliteration sounded nice. 

Angus and the Sponge

We try to source and create products that are fun, a bit different and are designed to provide pleasure and joy. And hopefully to lift your spirits and give you a bit of a laugh as well. We care deeply about quality and we go to great lengths to ensure that what is inside our bottles is brilliant, delicious and beautiful. But we also think it is important to not take life, or drinks, too seriously. Which is why you'll find the outside of our bottles plastered with original artworks and designs which are surreal, silly, often satirical, sometimes dark or arty, but hopefully always fun. Above all else, we believe in having fun.