About Us

Last updated: 16th January 2021 - 15:57

Decadent Drinks is the result of an experiment with independent bottling that got out of hand. What started as a collaborative side project between Iain McClune and Angus MacRaild, quickly grew arms and legs and has now become a terrifyingly real and busy company.

The people behind it are... 

Iain McClune

Iain is a former manager of Royal Mile Whiskies and currently director of Whisky Auctioneer. He began some forays into independent bottling with Copper Monument before asking Angus if he interested to collaborate on some bottlings. The result was Whisky Sponge and eventually Decadent Drinks. Iain is Managing Director and handles much of the boring important stuff that Angus is rubbish at.

Angus MacRaild

Angus is freelance whisky person who has dabbled variously in writing, auctioneering, fusty old bottles, tastings, festivals and consultancy. He is also responsible for the Whisky Sponge blog upon which the bottling series is based. Angus is also Managing Director and is responsible for product selection and label design. He neither planned, nor expected, to be doing independent bottling but feels it's working out ok so far. 

The Financial Directors

We also have three mysterious financial directors who exist in the shadows and make sure we don't do anything completely stupid or end up in jail. 

Why 'Decadent Drinks'? 

Life is hard, painful and difficult. Humans have always sought refuge and escape in transient pleasures - food and drink being prime examples. Our products are designed to represent outstanding and delicious quality at their core, while also expressing a sense of fun, subversiveness, and a reminder that life is too short and crazy to be taken seriously all the time. A little bit of 'decadence' in amidst the hectic rush and stress of day to day life is often what actually makes it worth living.