Notable Age Statements

What do the majority of whisky drinkers think when they hear the acronym 'NAS'? Almost certainly the idea 'non age statement', an abbreviation for whiskies bottled without an age on the label, which frequently anonymises their content and has pretty negative connotations.  

As such, we thought, what is Decadent Drinks had it's own 'NAS' series. Well, we do, but ours stands for 'Notable Age Statements'...  

We believe that age and time matter hugely in influencing and sculpting the drinks we all love. Whether old or young, the information about the time they've taken to arrive at their final flavour and style is of foundational importance to drinker. So, our Notable Age Statements series celebrates this fact by placing the age front and centre and, in our own small way, is about reclaiming 'NAS'.  

Notable Age Statements 30 Pouring



This series shelters multiple types of spirit at a broad variety of ages, with everything from single casks to medium size batch bottlings, at cask strength or targeted bottling strength. It's a diverse and varied home with the unifying them of age and time.