Our Products

We try to bottle a diverse range of 'stuff' here at Decadent Drinks. We frequently embrace the traditional, single cask approach to indy bottling, but we also look for ways to bring a little creativity into what we do. Similarly, we like to try and offer bottlings which are unique to us, or would not otherwise exist without the decisions we made. In practice this means we often do a bit of blending to create small batch, sometimes multi-vintage bottlings. We frequently embrace targeted reduction and use specific bottling strengths if we think it helps the spirit show better in bottle.  



Broadly, our preference is for drinks which are natural in style, in that they express strong distillate character, or a certain clear distillery or regional profile. We also love finding quite extreme or powerful examples of specific styles or distilleries which we know will provoke a reaction in the drinker, or perhaps prove slightly divisive. Essentially, we love to release products which we know will never be boring, always work as the ignition for conversation and opinion and, most importantly, always be fun.  

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